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March 4 - V1.4.1
Added two new user submitted maps.
Reduced packet sizes to 2/3 origional size for better performance.

January 12 - V1.4.0
Added bots that play when there are not enough players to fill the server.
Must wait 1 second after respawning to move.

November 13 - V1.3.3
Fixed bug where hitting a wall corner sometimes bounced you in the wrong direction.
Fixed black screen when clicking play bug.
Tweaked collision force.
Slightly weakened boost pads.

November 13 - V1.3.2
More Map tweaks.
Map maker bug fixes.
Ad tweaks.

November 12 - V1.3.1
Map tweaks.
Reduced image file size for better performance.

November 11 - V1.3.0
New maps change each round!
Player movement is snappier
Spawning ontop of enemy bug fixed.
Video ads to keep the game running.

November 9 - V1.2.3
Player movement more responsive.
Map tweaks.

November 7 - V1.2.2
Only flag carriers allowed in flag spawn.
Display usernames ontop of each player.
Added ads so I can keep the game running.

November 7 - V1.2.1
Shuffling team bug fix.
Disappearing flag (hopefully) fixed.
Performance tweaks.

November 5 - V1.2.0
Added usernames and chat.
Server chat messages tell you when players join/leave.
Spawn location bug fix.
Revamped main menu.

October 30 - V1.1.0
Added sound effects.
Smoothed out low fps player movement.
More performance improvements coming soon!

October 27 - V1.0.0
First release version!
Expect some bugs, if you notice any please email me at, or join our discord server.
Game improvements at this moment will be multiple times a week.

How To Play

WASD/Arrow keys to move

Space to boost

Enter to chat

Capture the enemy's flag and return it back to your flag to score a point! Push enemies away by bumping into them, but don't let them touch the flag carrier or they'll be reset!

Red Team Won!
Starting New Round...

Blue Team Won!
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